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NEW Toyota 4Y Forklift Engine

NEW Toyota 4Y Forklift Engine
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Toyota 17000-UB140, 13030-23023-71, 11120-26600-71, 11080-23621-71, 12030-12621-71, 12030-23023-71, 11090-23820-71, 14020-U2200-71, 11220-U1250-71, 11220-26600-71, 13020-U2170-71, 12320-U2230-71, 12030-23022-71, 12090-23820-71, 19000-78165-71, 11010-23022-71, 17000-UB120, 12210-U2241-71, 12030-33020-71, 11020-26600-71, 12250-U2230-71, 12010-U2240-71, 12010-U2200-71, 12030-33021-71, 11040-26600-71, 11030-U2200-71, 13010-23620-71, 11010-13023-71, 12080-23620-71, 11020-13022-71, 12010-U3270-71, 13010-U2100-71, 13020-U2200-71, 12010-U2241-71, 11020-13023-71, 11010-23622-71, 13030-U2100-71, 11020-U1250-71, 12040-12621-71, 12050-U2230-71, 11220-U2230-71, 17000-UB020, 12030-12620-71, 13010-U2170-71, 11010-26600-71, 11020-U2170-71, 12150-U2230-71, 12050-U3270-71, 13010-U2200-71, 19000-78164-71, 12020-U2100-71, 11090-23620-71, 13030-23621-71, 11080-23620-71, 11020-U2200-71, 12020-U2200-71, 11010-23621-71, 12060-U2170-71, 11210-26600-71, 12090-23621-71, 17000-UB180, 12050-U3271-71, 12040-U3271-71, 12010-22771-71, 12030-U2100-71, 11010-U2100-71, 11030-13022-71, 13010-23023-71, 12010-22770-71, 12030-U2170-71, 12010-U2170-71, 11010-U2170-71, 12090-23620-71, 12090-23821-71, 12080-33021-71, 12020-U3270-71, 12090-33021-71, 12010-23620-71, 11020-23620-71, 11020-U2230-71, 12040-12620-71, 13010-23022-71, 13030-13023-71, 12080-23621-71, 11090-23621-71, 17000-UB080, 11010-23620-71, 11030-23621-71, 11010-U2200-71, 11020-U3270-71, 17000-UB070, 13030-23620-71, 11140-26600-71, 11110-26600-71, 13010-23621-71, 12010-12621-71, 12080-23821-71, 14010-U2200-71, 11240-26600-71, 170000-UB030, 12040-33021-71, 11030-23622-71, 12040-23620-71, 12040-U3270-71, 12010-23621-71, 12040-33020-71, 13030-23022-71, 11080-23820-71, 12010-12620-71, 12040-U2170-71, 11030-U2170-71, 12060-U2171-71, 13010-13023-71, 12010-U2100-71, 19000-78166-71, 11030-13023-71, 12080-23820-71, 11020-23621-71, 11010-U3270-71,04911-20120-71, 13030-13024-71, 12040-23621-71, 11130-36640-71, 12020-U2170-71, 11310-26600-71, 13030-23021-71, 11010-13022-71, 11030-U2100-71, 12050-U2170-71, 13010-13024-71, 11020-U2100-71, 11030-23620-71, 17000-UB030, TY17000-UB140, TY13030-23023-71, TY11120-26600-71, TY11080-23621-71, TY12030-12621-71, TY12030-23023-71, TY11090-23820-71, TY14020-U2200-71, TY11220-U1250-71, TY11220-26600-71, TY13020-U2170-71, TY12320-U2230-71, TY12030-23022-71, TY12090-23820-71, TY19000-78165-71, TY11010-23022-71, TY17000-UB120, TY12210-U2241-71, TY12030-33020-71, TY11020-26600-71, TY12250-U2230-71, TY12010-U2240-71, TY12010-U2200-71, TY12030-33021-71, TY11040-26600-71, TY11030-U2200-71, TY13010-23620-71, TY11010-13023-71, TY12080-23620-71, TY11020-13022-71, TY12010-U3270-71, TY13010-U2100-71, TY13020-U2200-71, TY12010-U2241-71, TY11020-13023-71, TY11010-23622-71, TY13030-U2100-71, TY11020-U1250-71, TY12040-12621-71, TY12050-U2230-71, TY11220-U2230-71, TY17000-UB020, TY12030-12620-71, TY13010-U2170-71, TY11010-26600-71, TY11020-U2170-71, TY12150-U2230-71, TY12050-U3270-71, TY13010-U2200-71, TY19000-78164-71, TY12020-U2100-71, TY11090-23620-71, TY13030-23621-71, TY11080-23620-71, TY11020-U2200-71, TY12020-U2200-71, TY11010-23621-71, TY12060-U2170-71, TY11210-26600-71, TY12090-23621-71, TY17000-UB180, TY12050-U3271-71, TY12040-U3271-71, TY12010-22771-71, TY12030-U2100-71, TY11010-U2100-71, TY11030-13022-71, TY13010-23023-71, TY12010-22770-71, TY12030-U2170-71, TY12010-U2170-71, TY11010-U2170-71, TY12090-23620-71, TY12090-23821-71, TY12080-33021-71, TY12020-U3270-71, TY12090-33021-71, TY12010-23620-71, TY11020-23620-71, TY11020-U2230-71, TY12040-12620-71, TY13010-23022-71, TY13030-13023-71, TY12080-23621-71, TY11090-23621-71, TY17000-UB080, TY11010-23620-71, TY11030-23621-71, TY11010-U2200-71, TY11020-U3270-71, TY17000-UB070, TY13030-23620-71, TY11140-26600-71, TY11110-26600-71, TY13010-23621-71, TY12010-12621-71, TY12080-23821-71, TY14010-U2200-71, TY11240-26600-71, TY170000-UB030, TY12040-33021-71, TY11030-23622-71, TY12040-23620-71, TY12040-U3270-71, TY12010-23621-71, TY12040-33020-71, TY13030-23022-71, TY11080-23820-71, TY12010-12620-71, TY12040-U2170-71, TY11030-U2170-71, TY12060-U2171-71, TY13010-13023-71, TY12010-U2100-71, TY19000-78166-71, TY11030-13023-71, TY12080-23820-71, TY11020-23621-71, TY11010-U3270-71, TY04911-20120-71, TY13030-13024-71, TY12040-23621-71, TY11130-36640-71, TY12020-U2170-71, TY11310-26600-71, TY13030-23021-71, TY11010-13022-71, TY11030-U2100-71, TY12050-U2170-71, TY13010-13024-71, TY11020-U2100-71, TY11030-23620-71, TY17000-UB030

Note: Front cover, Water pump, Crank pulley and Timing set (chain and gears) are not included.

Engine Type: Forklift & Industrial Application
Displacement Cubic Inches: 134
Displacement Liters: 2.2
Compatible Fuels: Gasoline, LPG, CNG
Condition: Brand New
Engine Model: TOYOTA 4Y
Weight: 260.0 lbs

Basic Engine Specifications
Make TOYOTA Point Gap .008-.016
Engine Model 4Y Engine Cylinders 4
Litre 2 Engine Displacement CID 135
Engine Displacement CC 2237 Firing Order 1-3-4-2
Bore 3.583 Stroke 3.386
Ignition Timing Idle Speed 7 deg.BTDC/550 Spark Plug Type WE9EX-U
Oil Capacity w/Filter 4.4 US qts Idle RPM 650 RPM
Spark Plug Gap .028-.031
Torque Specifications
Main Bearing Caps 54-58 Oil Pan Drain Plug 32
Rod Bearing Caps 34-36 Oil Pump Bolt 13
Cylinder Head Bolts 54-64 Rocker Arm Nut 16-17
Cam Sprocket Bolt 67 Rocker Shaft Bracket Bolt 16-17
Crank Pulley Bolt 87-116 Timing Cover
Mainfold Bolt & Nut 35-36 Spark Plug 13-14
Oil Pan Bolt 2019-08-09 00:00:00 Water Pump Bolt 13-14
Piston Specifications
Piston Diameter 3.5797-3.5809 Cylinder Bore Clearance .0026-.0033
Rings Specifications
Ring Gap-Top .0091-.0189 Side Clearance Top .0012-.0028
Ring Gap-2nd .0063-.0173 Side Clearance 2nd .0012-.0028
Ring Gap-Oil .0051-.0185
Crankshaft Specifications
Main Journal Diameter 2.2829-2.2835 Rod Journal Diameter 1.8892-1.8898
Main Run Clearance .0008-.0020 Rod Run Clearance .0008-.0020
CamShaft Specifications
1st Journal Diameter 1.8291-1.8297 4th Journal Diameter 1.7996-1.8002
2nd Journal Diameter 1.8193-1.8199 5th Journal Diameter 1.7897-1.7904
3rd Journal Diameter 1.8094-1.8100
Valves Specifications
Intake Length 4.26 Exhaust Length 4.272
Intake Stem Diameter .3138-.3144 Exhaust Stem Diameter .3136-.3142
Intake Face Angle 45 deg Exhaust Face Angle 45 deg
Intake Clearance .008 hot Exhaust Clearance .014 hot

  • 6 month Limited Warranty. Extendable to 36 months.
  • Depending on the issue, a Repair or replacement will be issued.
  • Please contact PDK Engines before attempting to repair.

Vehicle Application

Toyota 8FGU32 00001 99999 GAS/LP Toyota 8FGU30 00001 99999 GAS/LP
Toyota 5FGC23 00001 99999 GAS/LP Toyota 8FGU25 00001 99999 GAS/LP
Toyota 5FGC20 00001 99999 GAS/LP Toyota 8FGU20 00001 99999 GAS/LP
Toyota 5FGC18 00001 99999 GAS/LP Toyota 8FGU18 00001 99999 GAS/LP
Toyota 5FGC15 00001 99999 GAS/LP Toyota 8FGU15 00001 99999 GAS/LP
Toyota 42-6FGU30 00001 99999 GAS/LP Toyota 8FGCU32 00001 99999 GAS/LP
Toyota 42-6FGU25 00001 99999 GAS/LP Toyota 8FGCU30 00001 99999 GAS/LP
Toyota 42-6FGU20 00001 99999 GAS/LP Toyota 8FGCU25 00001 99999 GAS/LP
Toyota 42-6FGU18 00001 99999 GAS/LP Toyota 8FGCU20 00001 99999 GAS/LP
Toyota 42-6FGU15 00001 99999 GAS/LP Toyota 8FGCU18 00001 99999 GAS/LP
Toyota 42-6FGCU30 00001 99999 GAS/LP Toyota 8FGCU15 00001 99999 GAS/LP
Toyota 42-6FGCU25 00001 99999 GAS/LP Toyota 8FGCSU20 00001 99999 GAS/LP
Toyota 42-6FGCU20 00001 99999 GAS/LP Toyota 7FGU32 00001 99999 GAS/LP
Toyota 42-6FGCU18 00001 99999 GAS/LP Toyota 7FGU30 00001 99999 GAS/LP
Toyota 42-6FGCU15 00001 99999 GAS/LP Toyota 7FGU25 00001 99999 GAS/LP
Toyota 42-6FG25 00001 99999 GAS/LP Toyota 7FGU20 00001 99999 GAS/LP
Toyota 42-6FG23 00001 99999 GAS/LP Toyota 7FGU18 00001 99999 GAS/LP
Toyota 42-6FG20 00001 99999 GAS/LP Toyota 7FGU15 00001 99999 GAS/LP
Toyota 42-6FG18 00001 99999 GAS/LP Toyota 7FGCU32 00001 99999 GAS/LP
Toyota 42-6FG15 00001 99999 GAS/LP Toyota 7FGCU30 00001 99999 GAS/LP
Toyota 42-5FGU25 00001 99999 GAS/LP Toyota 7FGCU25 00001 99999 GAS/LP
Toyota 42-5FGU20 00001 99999 GAS/LP Toyota 7FGCU20 00001 99999 GAS/LP
Toyota 42-5FGU18 00001 99999 GAS/LP Toyota 7FGCU18 00001 99999 GAS/LP
Toyota 42-5FGU15 00001 99999 GAS/LP Toyota 7FGCU15 00001 99999 GAS/LP
Toyota 42-5FG25 00001 99999 GAS/LP Toyota 7FGCSU20 00001 99999 GAS/LP
Toyota 42-5FG23 00001 99999 GAS/LP Toyota 5FGCU30 00001 99999 GAS/LP
Toyota 42-5FG20 00001 99999 GAS/LP Toyota 5FGCU25 00001 99999 GAS/LP
Toyota 42-5FG18 00001 99999 GAS/LP Toyota 5FGCU18 00001 99999 GAS/LP
Toyota 42-5FG15 00001 99999 GAS/LP Toyota 5FGCU15 00001 99999 GAS/LP
Toyota 02-5FGU30 00001 99999 GAS/LP Toyota 5FGC30 00001 99999 GAS/LP
Toyota 02-5FG30 00001 99999 GAS/LP Toyota 5FGC28 00001 99999 GAS/LP
Toyota 02-5FG28 00001 99999 GAS/LP Toyota 5FGC25 00001 99999 GAS/LP

The Toyota 4Y Engine is one of the most efficient, robust and powerful engines that can be purchased in the market today. For starters, this 4Y Engine series is a product of an evolution of previous innovation from Toyota in its engine series, which dates back all the way back to 1970s. This only means that the 4Y engine has already been tested by time and seen a lot of improvements that have often been used all over in light duty trucks, which may include the car units Daihatsu Delta, Toyota Stout, and most importantly the Toyota 4Runners from Australia.

The gasoline or LPG engine that’s ubiquitous today would not have been released in the market without this Toyota 4Y innovation. But generally, for the main features, it would be apt to state here that the first major main feature of the 4Y engine is that they’re optimized for long continuous operation of CHP and GHP. Which means that they have design specifications that ensure overwhelming reliability and superior durability that a consumer can find nowhere else.

The second main feature of this 4Y series is that it also makes high regard for environmental performance. This ensures that every purchase of the 4Y Engine, you will get a specialized engine with long maintenance interval, but with low noise operation for its mounted unit. The third feature of this engine is solid reliability that has not been paralleled by any brand. With Toyota’s success with its 4Y engine innovation, Toyota will remain in good standing as a prime brand with a successful and continuous track record both in GHP and CHP fields.

Technical Specs

It must first be mentioned that the Toyota 4Y is an OHV eight-valve engine that has a complete capacity of about 2.2 L (2,237 cc), with bore and stroke dimensions of: 91 mm × 86 mm (3.58 in × 3.39 in). For those looking for best compatibility, this engine is made available either in carburetted (4Y) or fuel-injected (4y-E) that’s called the 491Q-ME, which is made for the Chinese market. For context, it can be said that the the carburetted 4Y produces about
70 kW (95 PS; 94 hp) at 4400 rpm when fitted to a standard 1989 Daihatsu Delta truck.

It should also be added that the 4Y engines with size capacities between 1.5 and 3.0 tons have already been made available for Toyota forklifts that are under the model that have the number 42. Another attribute of the 4Y is the fact that it has a standard structure of an Aisan fuel system, which would depend on the emissions rules of the state or country it is being sold in.

Any powerful engine has to have a robust total piston displacement, and it’s good to know that the Toyota 4Y has a 2237cc, with an OHV valve mechanism and a wedge shape combustion chamber type. There’s a 4-cycle-water-cooled cooling system in it that makes it easy for the engine to run at its maximum, optimal speed. As if that’s not impressive enough, we should also state here that there’s a 44kW (@2570rpm) maximum output (gasoline) for this engine, with a 165Nm (@2570rpm) maximum torque (gasoline). At dry weight, this engine weighs at about 126 kg, with its fuel set-up being gasoline/LPG.

Because of the fact that Aisan is legally under the autonomy of Toyota group, it would not be a surprise that its ignition parts and electrical system are created by the Aisan brand, with the support of Denso. In fact, most of the engine and surrounding components of 4Y come from Toyota and Toyota-owned suppliers.

History of Toyota 4Y

The revolutionary innovation of the Toyota 4Y could essentially be traced back to when inventor Sakichi Toyoda developed completely the automatic loom in 1926, which has been the foundation for Toyota Industries for many years now. Since the beginning of the commitment of Toyota Industries for continuous innovation and excellence in service, the roots of the Toyota 4y has been honed in the heart of Toyota’s internal combustion forklifts.
This has led to giving Toyota the reputation of being the leader in creating some of the most dependable pieces of solid equipment available in the market. It may even be said that the 4Y Engine has helped Toyota forklifts reach an outstanding record of being able to deliver 35,000 life cycle operating hours with incredible smoothness and ease. There are even records stating that some engines have reached an impressive 80,000+ hours.

It should also be added that it was in 1934 that Toyota established its first market-ready automobile engine to be followed in 1956 when the company began manufacturing industrial engines. It was then in 1986 that the Toyota 4Y engine had formally been introduced.

In 2006, Toyota started to become known as the world’s most eco-friendly or cleanest I.C. forklift that features the 4Y. This remarkable record continued to go on until in 2016, Toyota again was acknowledged to be a producer of more than 150 million engines and 3 million of these cars have all been Toyota 4Ys.

It is all these components that have warranted Toyota with the excellent and reliable reputation that it enjoys today. It is these dimensions and varied applications to various areas in the car industry that Toyota has been the leader in automative industries, especially in the forklift departments. With lift trucks, gas heat pumps (GHP) and combined heat and power (CHP) as applications of this engine, there is little doubt that Toyota Industries will continue to be a leader in the gasoline and diesel engines enterprise.

This successful track record will definitely grow beyond the current 50 years of success that it currently enjoys. It is also an added credentials to the 4Y engines that Toyota has been in the record for only delivering cutting-edge technologies that go beyond standard vehicles. From diesel engines to gasoline engines, Toyota engines have been often backed with the most sophisticated researchers and analysts that currently generate unmatched sales success for Toyota, making it a consistent No. 1 brand.

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