About Us

PDK Engines is one of the top online parts and engine distributors in the North America. We sell an extensive selection of engines and parts such as Cam Shafts, Head Cylinders, Gaskets, and more.

Highly Informative

We have a comprehensive list of part numbers, breakdowns and diagrams corresponding to parts and accessories. We offer our customers free breakdowns and diagrams because we believe finding parts should be easy.

Lowest Prices Online

On top of that, our items can get up to 50% off on regular OEM retail prices because saving money should be easy too. Furthermore, our remanufactured, rebuilt and used parts are options to further increase the savings for our customers.

Fastest Shipping Times

Our parts and accessories are shipped from warehouses strategically located all around the United States. This enables us to deliver them straight to your garage faster than anyone else. Hence, you can get back to handling your materials, which in turn will get your customers what they need fast. Our friendly and knowledgeable parts specialists are here to help! Contact us either toll free, chat or e-mail us to speak to a real person whose priority is serving you and making sure you find what you are looking for.

Our Mission

Our mission declares the purpose of our company and it is the standard that shapes our actions and decisions. Our mission is

  • To make the world simpler, one part at a time…
  • To keep things in business and life moving smoothly…
  • To create value and make a difference.

Our Vision

Our vision works as a framework by examining what needs to be fulfilled to achieve continual growth in quality and the “PDK Engines” experience.

  • People. Be the best place to work where people are proud owners of their work, being the best that they can be.
  • Availability. Bring easy access to all material & handling parts and accessories for all, all around the world.
  • Teamwork. Grow and cherish a winning network of customers and suppliers to share and create a lasting value together.
  • Productivity. Be a very efficient, lean and speedy organization.

Our Values

Our values provide us direction for our actions and decisions, describing what makes us who we are and what we stand for.

  • Leadership. Have the audacity to play a larger role in a better future
  • Trust. Once trust is earned, always maintain, be consistent, and it is never lost
  • Innovation.Continue improving because there is always a better way
  • Integrity. Above and beyond the call of duty
  • Passion. Take pride in the output value
  • Quality. Never compromise quality for anything
  • Collaboration.Work together, grow together, win together