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NEW GM 4.3L Forklift Engine - LPG

NEW GM 4.3L Forklift Engine - LPG
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The GM 4.3L ENGINE is an OHV that consists of a V6 engine that is made of an oil pan, front toming cover, engine balancer and valve covers. All the versions of this engine will have adjustable roller rocker heads and a valve system. There's an aluminum 2 ear oil pan in this engine, with a plastic front timing cover that doesn't have a timing sensor and a reluctor wheel. There's a 2 bolt starter pattern in this engine, too, which makes it compatible with 2000 through 20003 applications. It must be added that this engine has abolt that's threaded with a Metric bolt.

Used in later production Hyster & Yale trucks 1997 and up.


Engine Type: Forklift & Industrial Application
Displacement Cubic Inches: 262
Displacement Liters: 4.3
Compatible Fuels: LPG
Condition: Brand New
Engine Model: GM 4.3L

  • 23 month Limited Warranty. Extendable to 36 months.
  • Depending on the issue, a Repair or replacement will be issued.
  • Please contact PDK Engines before attempting to repair.

Vehicle Application


Companies are all the more made even stronger, more profitable and sustainable when they are invested in solutions tested by time and created by a trustworthy brand. One example of such a brand is GM or General Motors, and an example of such technological advancement that never fail to add value to its investors would easily be its GM 4.3L ENGINE.

When discussing the powerful features and impressive record-breaking sales of the GM 4.3L ENGINE, one should start with how its specs and features sustain other businesses. Firstly, the GM 4.3L ENGINE is an OHV that not only consists of a V6 engine that adds value to other companies’ operations but also made of an oil pan integrated with a timing cover, valve covers, as well as a powerful engine balancer. The versions of this engine would have to include an adjustable set of roller rocker heads paired with a valve system. All of these features are always evolving and improving, making sure that the customers are always given the needed product that they need all the time.

It’s needed to highlight here that General Motors is already a brand that has proven itself in the market competition. Plus, it’s already operating on a global scale, and the expertise that the brand has generated over the years has been filtered out and integrated into the GM 4.3L Forklift Engine. In addition, the commitment of the engineers from General Motors in creating this engine did indeed make this engine shine and make sure that the stakeholders investing in them are well taken care of.

The additional plastic front timing cover of the engine is that it doesn’t have a timing sensor or a reluctor wheel, but what this engine lacks more than makes up for it by making it a robust engine that can withstand any type of field operations. It’s also an added boost to the brand reputation that this engine is being in Toyota 7 series models. Among the forklift and industrial applications in the market today, this GM 4.3L Forklift Engine also stands out because of its powerful specs. It has 262 displacement cubic inches, a displacement liters of around 4.3, with compatibility for different fuels, including LPG, CNG, and Gasoline.

Another strength in this engine is that General Motors always guarantees a Limited Warranty for each purchase. This gives the buyers the extra confidence that in every purchase they make, they will never fail on the customers. In addition, what people should know about this GM engine to help them decide if it’s the best for them would have to be the fact that GM already shows impressive flexibility in repairing and maintenance of these parts. Lastly, the sales of this engine are amazing not because of the quality service that is offered by the brand, but mainly also for the simple fact that quality is already synonymous with GM. You can’t expect GM to fail anymore, and this GM 4.3L Forklift Engine is a testament of the renown that the brand has experienced over the years.

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